CRM – Convert Leads to Clients

Turn Leads into Clients in one easy step!

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enter a lead into the system, then easily convert it to a client with the click of a button.

CRM - Leads

CRM – Enter Calls

Easily keep track of Calls!

In this tutorial, we show you how to enter a call in the CRM once you receive it.

Once the call has been entered, you can then simply convert it to a lead or client.

CRM - Calls

Creating an Invoice

Easily Create an Invoice

Click Invoicing, then Create Invoice. The rest is simple! Select/input:

  • Date
  • Payment type
  • Service type & info
  • Client
  • Notes
  • And then save!

Creating an Invoice

Creating Estimates and Quotes

How to create-estimates-and-quotes-easily

Easily Create Estimates/Quotes

Click CRM, then Quotes to:

  • Add Customer information
  • Add Quote information
  • Measure Property lot size will total automatically
  • Add in additional information including automatic pricing and follow up dates.

Estimates & Quotes