Service Requests

Keep up to date with clients!

In this tutorial, you can see how to receive service requests from your clients 24/7 via the iBot Client App. With the iBot Client app, your clients have access to multiple features to keep them up to date.

Service Requests

Set up iBot Payments

Easily accept debit & credit cards!

In this tutorial you can see how to set up iBot Payments through the system securely to start accepting and receiving debit / credit card payments. Don’t wait around to collect checks. Charge one or multiple cards at once.

iBot Payments

Register for a FREE Trial

How to register for a free trial of Service iBot

Get Started Today!

It’s super-easy:

  • Click “FREE TRIAL”
  • Enter email address
  • Enter contact information
  • Then ENJOY/see how efficiently your business can run!

Register for FREE Trial


Add your company's preferences

Easily Add/Update Preferences

Click Company Settings, then Main Settings to:

  • Add/Edit Company details
  • Add/Edit Services offered
  • Import files and more…

Settings / Preferences

Company Preferences

Easily set up preferences

Click Company Settings, then Main Settings to:

  • Add Branding / Logo
  • Add company details
  • Add/Remove services
  • Billing info and more…

Company Preferences

Add / Modify Employee

Easily add and modify Employees

Click Crews, then Add/Modify Employee to:

  • Add Employees (Info, title, pay rate…etc) 
  • Assign access level of iBot options and more…

Add / Modify Employee

Set up a CREW

Create crews tutorial for service ibot

Easily create crews

Click Crews, then Crew Setup to:

  • Create Truck/Crew
  • Add Crew members to truck
  • Assign a tablet/device to the crew
  • Add daily capacity and more..

Crew Setup