Add your company's preferences

Easily Add/Update Preferences

Click Company Settings, then Main Settings to:

  • Add/Edit Company details
  • Add/Edit Services offered
  • Import files and more…

Settings / Preferences

Add a Client

Easily add clients

Click “+” at top of the page, then drop-down to “New Client” to:

  • Create/Add a new client
  • Enter info and more…

Add a Client

Company Preferences

Easily set up preferences

Click Company Settings, then Main Settings to:

  • Add Branding / Logo
  • Add company details
  • Add/Remove services
  • Billing info and more…

Company Preferences

Schedule a Job

Easily schedule jobs

  • Create/assign jobs
  • Setup as auto or manual
  • Add job type, price, notes, & more…

Schedule a Job

Email / Print Invoices

Easy Invoicing

Click Invoicing to:

  • Create invoices
  • Edit / View invoices
  • Email, Print, & more…

Email & Print Invoices

Add / Modify Employee

Easily add and modify Employees

Click Crews, then Add/Modify Employee to:

  • Add Employees (Info, title, pay rate…etc) 
  • Assign access level of iBot options and more…

Add / Modify Employee


How to add inventory items

Easily add inventory and supplies

Click Accounting, then Inventory to:

  • Add Equipment (for tracking purposes)
  • Add Inventory items and more…

Add Inventory & Supplies

Set up a CREW

Create crews tutorial for service ibot

Easily create crews

Click Crews, then Crew Setup to:

  • Create Truck/Crew
  • Add Crew members to truck
  • Assign a tablet/device to the crew
  • Add daily capacity and more..

Crew Setup