CRM – Convert Leads to Clients

Turn Leads into Clients in one easy step!

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enter a lead into the system, then easily convert it to a client with the click of a button.

CRM - Leads

CRM – Enter Calls

Easily keep track of Calls!

In this tutorial, we show you how to enter a call in the CRM once you receive it.

Once the call has been entered, you can then simply convert it to a lead or client.

CRM - Calls

Service Requests

Keep up to date with clients!

In this tutorial, you can see how to receive service requests from your clients 24/7 via the iBot Client App. With the iBot Client app, your clients have access to multiple features to keep them up to date.

Service Requests

Set up iBot Payments

Easily accept debit & credit cards!

In this tutorial you can see how to set up iBot Payments through the system securely to start accepting and receiving debit / credit card payments. Don’t wait around to collect checks. Charge one or multiple cards at once.

iBot Payments


Easily View your Calendar

In this tutorial, you can see how to view the calendar mode and interact better with the jobs and services you have scheduled.

From the Scheduling tab, click on the Calendar tab. 


Service History

Easily View Service History for all Clients!

Service iBot makes it easy to view service history to help your company answer questions, upsell, and forecast more efficiently.

From the Client Panel Dashboard, you may click on Service History or Transaction History. These options will allow you to view any service performed, or any transaction made.

Service History

View Jobs on Map

Easily View Jobs on Map

Service iBot makes it easy to view jobs on a map to see service areas and crews to help your company be more efficient.

Go to Scheduling, then Dispatch Schedules. Select the Date(s) and Job(s) by checking the box next to them, then click the View Map button!

View Jobs on Map

Creating an Invoice

Easily Create an Invoice

Click Invoicing, then Create Invoice. The rest is simple! Select/input:

  • Date
  • Payment type
  • Service type & info
  • Client
  • Notes
  • And then save!

Creating an Invoice

Register for a FREE Trial

How to register for a free trial of Service iBot

Get Started Today!

It’s super-easy:

  • Click “FREE TRIAL”
  • Enter email address
  • Enter contact information
  • Then ENJOY/see how efficiently your business can run!

Register for FREE Trial

Creating Estimates and Quotes

How to create-estimates-and-quotes-easily

Easily Create Estimates/Quotes

Click CRM, then Quotes to:

  • Add Customer information
  • Add Quote information
  • Measure Property lot size will total automatically
  • Add in additional information including automatic pricing and follow up dates.

Estimates & Quotes